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FENZI S.p.a.

From 1941, the year in which a family-run factory was born, to the new millennium, in which the company occupies a position of international leadership, the uniqueness of Fenzi has been consecrated by continuous success, which lies above all in the choice to focus on own production on chemical products specifically designed for the second processing of flat glass. A choice that has always had its strong point in quality and that has always maintained, for almost 75 years, an ideal balance between innovation, competitiveness and efficiency. Distinctive elements that, today as yesterday, make Fenzi the reference name of an increasingly qualified and environmentally friendly production.

Fenzi products are certified on the basis of the strictest international standards: tests on chemical, physical and mechanical properties, durability and aging tests are carried out daily both at the Tribiano Research and Development Laboratory, and at those of customers and tests. -houses recognized all over the world.

The historically most important production of the Fenzi group is linked to mirror paints: the Duralux range covers all needs, from the more traditional to the more sophisticated copper free up to the latest generation, characterized by a very low presence of lead, from 70 % less solvents and the absence of formaldehyde.

The most important department in terms of volumes is that of sealants for insulating glass, produced in the various types of polysulphide, butyl, hot melt and polyurethane with the brands Thiover, Butylver, Hotver and Poliver. Synergies with affiliated companies Alu-Pro and Rolltech allow the group to offer insulating glass manufacturers aluminum, steel, stainless steel and double structure profiles in steel and polycarbonate. The Glass Alliance network is therefore the most comprehensive partner for insulating glass manufacturers around the world.

The production of decorative paints for glass is growing rapidly, produced in two different types: vitrifiable Tempver for screen printing, satin finishing and glazing of the glass to be tempered, and organic Decover for cold application and for maximum brilliance and yield. chromatic. The Aquaglass line also belongs to Decover, consisting of single-component water-based paints for decorative applications in solid and opaque colors, which combine the best characteristics of Decover paints with the eco-compatibility of water.

The Fenzi group currently has 10 production plants in Europe, America and Asia and distributes its products almost all over the world. It is the world leader in chemistry for the second processing of flat glass.