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Industry Sectors:

G.M.C. S.n.c. di Maccaferri G. & C.

G.M.C. MACHINERY GROUP was founded in 1979 in Modena.

Since 1979, designs and builds industrial plants with high technological content for the decoration of plastic and metal packages, robotic systems for mixing colors, lines for handling containers.

In 2000 idea and patent the new process of decoration HDT “Heat Transfer Digital” , decoration for threedimensional objects with toner, now spread to packaging of various sectors: chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, school-educational, multimedia.

In 2012 revolutionized the way of decoration realizing the only system in the world capable of producing DIGITAL LASER DECORATION by TONER DIRECTLYTRANSFERABLE at HIGH SPEED.
DIGITRON Laser digital printers IN LINE to decoration unit allow the transfer of digital images while the printer prints images using a continuous film from the printer unit to theobject.
This process allows the decoration by immediate transfer of images from the PC to the object with one click.

Investment in research and development have enabled us to spread GMC’s MACHINERY GROUP products in the world: Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa consolidating the position of GMC among the major manufacturers operating in the same fields. Exports constitute the largest percentage of sales.