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GIMAC di Maccagnan Giorgio

Often our plants enable competitive commercial products to became winning products and this due to 2 essential properties : Our machines are able to run either grains or powders of polymers without spoiling determinant chemical-physical property like molecular weight or mechanical resistance, even in materials like PLLA HMW or other bio-absorbable polymers. Thanks to the synergy between mechanical part, electronic control and software it is possible not only to guarantee excellent tolerances, but also to manufacture in a continuos way tubes and catheters with variable diameters, thickness, rigidities and coatings. Such characteristic can dramatically reduce the production costs allowing for istance to avoid some processes such as: welding of flexible segments or connectors extruding directly in continuous tubes with conical extremity and variable flexibility. The materials that can be processed are : conventional polymers, fluoropolymers (FEP, ETFE), high temperature polymers (LCP, PSU, PI and PEEK), bio-absorbable polymers (PLLA, PLG), bio-compatible or even bio-active polymers, pharmaceutical active principle matrix, ceramic materials and more over, metallic materials.