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GIMATIC S.r.l. società unipersonale

Competence, experience and technical skills distinguish Gimatic in the EOAT market. Our growing and qualified staff studies and creates ad hoc solutions with any type of End of Arm Tools thanks also to the support of our local and international subsidiaries. Gimatic has expanded its product range with the launch of vacuum products. The new offer allows customers greater flexibility in designing optimal automation systems that aim to increase efficiency and productivity. Suction cups, vacuum pumps, sensors,and related accessories allow Gimatic’s customers to handle different objects in various industrial sectors with low energy consumption and reduced downtime. Gimatic suction cups are divided into 18 product families, each with specific characteristics that make them suitable for the packaging, food, pharma, plastic, metal sheet, wood, glass,and automotive sectors. The EJ range of cartridges and vacuum pumps consists of approximately150 different items divided into 8 product families. Gimatic cartridges are available in 3 sizes, each offered in 3 different versions. They are extremely efficient, compact and lightweight. In addition to a wide range of products, a “personalized service” is also provided. We work on an area of 8000 square meters according to a quality system certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard. Projected into the future, Gimatic regularly produces and implements innovative ideas which are, of course, a reason of pride. Gimatic vacuum pumps include manifolds in aluminum or POM and are capable of integrating additional functions such as the automatic release of the object being handled without additional solenoid valves. All Gimatic products are patented. Thanks to their hi-tech features, original design and reliability, Gimatic products are truly unique.