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Hydros was founded in 1999 as a company specialized in Engineering Procurement Construction of machines, packages and plants for the treatment of water, air and waste, and for the construction of special machines. It is characterized by the ability to design and build plant solutions with a very high degree of customization by creating fixed or containerized solutions. All engineering activities, from the preliminary to the detailed phases are followed internally by specialized figures and with the use of specific software for drawing and modeling. The head office is located in the industrial area of Tito (PZ) and contains the administrative offices, logistics, the technical department and the construction workshop equipped with modern machine tools. The secondary headquarters is located in the industrial area of Vicenza, organized to carry out specialized maintenance, erection and commissioning of plants.
Hydros is also certified according to:ISO 9001-2015; ISO50001-2018; ISO 45001-2018; ISO 14001-2015; OHSAS 18001-2017; SOA.
Hydros is also qualified for the execution of public works in the following categories: OG 1 class.II; OG 9 class.II; OG 12 class.II; OS 14 class.V; OS 22 class.V