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Since 1993 Mappi has been designing and manufacturing quality systems for tempering flat glass. More than 300 systems installed all over the world testify to a path of solid growth, based on research, innovation, uncompromising quality and constant attention to the specific needs of each individual customer.

Next to the Italian production site is Mappi America, based in Florida. This allows Customer Service to reach every single Mappi plant on the planet within 24 hours.

Nancy Mammaro, Mappi’s CEO tells us “Beyond Glass Perfection sums up our everyday goal in just three words, shared at every level at Mappi. For all of us, going beyond the perfection of glass means taking a material with unique characteristics such as glass and striving every day to make it better, knowing full well that glass is a material that hides nothing, that shows its beauty with the same clarity. than its defects “.

Mappi develops and builds the entire machine internally. By doing so, it guarantees the perfection of the assembly and the quality of each component, for excellent and constant performance over time. This path, which includes every phase of production and of the relationship with the customer, is Mappi Constant Quality.
From design to service, quality is at the center of everything. Every single piece, every component and every person who works for Mappi is responsible for the quality of the brand. Both products and people are the expression of a way of thinking and acting.

This widespread quality is also found in the design choices and in the organization of the range, which sees the different models differ mainly in terms of size, but keep most of the design solutions and construction precautions in common, both from the point of view mechanics and software solutions.
Ease of use, minimization of downtime and switch-on and switch-off times, optimal quality of the glass produced, substantial energy savings, are all indicators of Mappi’s desire to produce furnaces for the tempering of flat glass that constantly go beyond standards, which themselves represent a new boundary to be overcome.

Even today, when Mappi turns 25, its usual goal remains unchanged: to become a leader in the production of tempering furnaces, while increasing the quality and overall customization to meet the needs of each individual customer.