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Mipe Viviani is a historic company. It was founded in 1840 by an iron craftsman who opened a family workshop in Strove, a small village in the municipality of Monteriggioni (SI), where he built plows and agricultural implements for animal traction.
For generations the company has built agricultural implements, even if it was only a few units per year and often to order, but passion and inventiveness quickly made her famous throughout the country. The company continued to produce animal-drawn plows until the 1950s, years of change in agriculture.
Indeed, with the passage to mechanical traction, it was essential to take the big step forward, which quickly allowed the “VIVIANI” brand to spread throughout Italy.

Since then, the commitment has always been that of constant research in technology and materials to find constructive solutions to the equipment, which would make working the soil less and less tiring and more productive. The continuous evolution of the agricultural tractor, born and designed eminently to develop traction power, the expansion of its function and the development of its power also in the form of hydraulic energy prompted Mipe Viviani to expand its production with equipment adapted to use these powers to relieve fatigue and optimize work.

The same evolution in the process of tillage for the preparation of the seedbed it has led to the gradual introduction of machinery combined capable of performing many operations in just one pass.

The need to find solutions for the olive harvest depending on the types of plants, the age of the trees, the technologies available, the cost and the availability of the workforce prompted Mipe Viviani to develop solutions. mechanized capable of facilitating the harvest, both in intensive olive groves, both in traditional ones.
The mechanical action system created makes it possible to explore all the foliage of the trees, obtaining work productivity even twenty times greater than that of traditional manual systems regardless of the type of trees.