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Officine Mistrello, a leading company in the flat glass storage and handling sector, based in Padua in the north-east of Italy, has recently made important improvements to its range of products, in particular to its GL telescopic loaders. These automatic machines for loading / unloading flat glass equipped with suction cup systems and able to move on special guides on the ground, are capable of picking up sheets of 6000x3300mm size and up to 1 ton in weight. The range of loaders also includes the version for half plates capable of picking up plates up to 3600x2600mm.

The automatic loaders designed and built by Officine Mistrello can pick up and generally move flat glass plates from 3 to 19 mm thick and also glass with Low-e treatment. The loaders can be interfaced with automatic warehouses but they can also be used to withdraw glass from traditional systems of fixed grasshoppers. The GL6000 (for Jumbo slabs) and ML3700 / 3210 (for DLF / half slabs) loaders are machines that can be used in most plants and that can be easily integrated with cutting systems in medium-large companies.

The telescopic loader picks up the glass from the magazines and automatically transfers it to the cutting lines. The machine can easily feed multiple cutting lines quickly and guaranteeing the safety of the operators.

The automatic warehouses that are usually interfaced with the loaders, produced by Officine Mistrello, are very simple systems that require very little maintenance and can reduce the size of the storage area by up to 4 times. Thanks to their simple use, the control of the machine takes place in an easy, fast and safe way, avoiding any type of error.