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Mobert dates back to the year 1959, when the construction of complex mechanical plants such as systems to recover old caustic soda, rolling mill parts and so forth, began. Mobert decided to produce plastic film Welders towards the middle of the ‘60’s.

Right from the start, the strategy was to differ from the competitors by designing a machine that was easy to manufacture and able to obtain various types of product without any particular adjustments being required. The company obtained a first Patent for the Welding machine known as “Victory 40” featuring an innovative welding bar.

The validity of these initial constructional options was confirmed by the fact that many models of these first Mobert machines are still operating in our customers’ plants.

Another strategy that has distinguished Mobert policy right from the start was our desire to develop machinery in compliance with the customers’ demands, being in advance of a trend that was to have later influenced the entire sector.This decision stemmed from the remarkable planning abilities that allowed our company to produce different machine models and modular lines complete with optional components of various types. Mobert moved to the current plant of Via Buonarroti 2 in 1986. When it came to technological development in the field of Welding machines, Mobert was committed to the creation of new units, especially for the production of bag rolls, where the bags can be torn off individually as required. Particular attention was paid to automatic product packaging processes prior to the welding machines. Development of specific equipment in this field has made use of Mobert machines particular simple, efficient and well able to optimize the price/performances ratio in a very competitive sector such as that of plastic bags.