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Mollificio SO.MI. is a family yet dynamic and modern business, a reliable partner and supplier for your company.
Thanks to a highly qualified technical and commercial staff, our company is able to offer specific custom services from product development and design with CAD and CAM to finishing. Long experience and the adoption of the most advanced technologies are ours major strengths.

Continuous and constant training, together with endless commitment in researching and developing materials and products make Mollificio SO.MI. the perfect choice for those who need a solid parter for industrial supplies. We’re always attentive to details and ready to ready to face the challenges of the future.

The company turns with enthusiasm and determination towards new markets, with the aim of improving more and more the efficiency in the industrial supply to its partners.

Our History
Founded in 1969 by Gilberto Sorana and Altivano Mingo in Montecarotto, in the Marches, Mollificio SO.MI. has always had a strong connection with the tradition of the territory.

From the very beginning, we’ve had strong ties with the entire local agricultural machinery production sector, and therefore concentrate production on springs and shaped wire components.

As the years go by, the experience increases.

Mollificio SO. MI. expands and goes further, turning its production efforts to other industries including automotive and sports equipment.

Only one thing never changes: our attention to the quality of raw materials and production processes.

The continuous commitment carried out with passion by the founders first, then by the heirs, has allowed the company to establish itself globally as a specialist in the production of agricultural springs, creating partnerships with major players in the market.

Systems and technologies
Mollificio SO. MI. guarantees high quality standards through ISO 9001:2015 certified processes and methodologies.

Raw materials are chosen according to the specific requirements of the customer, and selected among qualified and trusted Italian suppliers.

Our staff is extremely qualified and has gained great experience over the years.

The production process is carried out using the latest generation 4.0 of numerical control machinery: winders, grinders, eyeleting devices, bending machines and automatic furnaces for heat treatments such as loosening and tempering.

We have equipment for surface finishes such as shot peening, and powder coating that offers fully customizable manufacturing and colors. In addition, we turn to qualified suppliers to offer cold galvanizing, chromating, geomet or cataphoresis treatments.

The extensive catalog of Mollificio So.Mi. products offers you the highest 100% Made in Italy quality for the supply of your company.

Compression, traction, torsion springs and shaped components for every kind of need… Each item is fully customizable thanks to our technical department that will follow each phase of development: from the choice of the raw material, to the determination of the spring elastic characteristics, up to the definition of the surface finish.

We are specialized in the design and production of all types of agricultural springs and all the accessories used in tillage and haymaking equipment.