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Industry Sectors:


The company was founded in 1921 for the production of mechanical components and railway gears. Today it produces customized gears and for industrial, high speed, railway applications.
With its 100 employees, the company operates three production units:

More than 70% of the workforce is dedicated to production, of which 50% is involved in installation and quality control. This is to better assist the customer in the field and to interact with production managers more easily.

The company does not compromise on quality standards: this is because it gives a better value to technical development.
OCMI OTG thinks of itself more as a partner than a supplier: it seeks to collaborate with customers and to forge relationships that are of help to its development and growth.


OCMI is a world leader in the supply of complete lines for the production of tubular glass containers for pharmaceutical and cosmetic use (ampoules, bottles, droppers, carpules).

The headquarters of the OCMI Group is in Milan but the production of glass processing lines is also divided between the French plant of Moderne Mecanique (in Chelles) and the Indian one of OCMI India (in Ahmenabad). A commercial office for the Chinese market was opened in Shanghai in 2015.

A second division of the OCMI Group is dedicated to the supply of machines for the production of so-called “tableware” glass items. In this sector the leading products are the welding / ironing machine for goblets, the presses and the blowing presses for the production of jugs and similar containers.

Furthermore, thanks to the collaboration with the company MT Forni Industriali, OCMI is able to offer complete solutions and turnkey systems for the production of items with a high technical content such as glass insulators for high voltage and glass-brick lines.