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PASQUALI Divisione della BCS S.p.a.

PASQUALI: the advantages of a long tradition
The activity of Pasquali Macchine Agricole began in 1949, when, based on an ingenious idea by Dr. Lino Pasquali, one of the first mechanical means of contained dimensions was created that could take care of all those agricultural jobs that are impossible to do with tractors: the two-wheel tractor.

Following the immediate success at the end of the ’50s, they sensed the need to increase the comfort of work: to the two-wheel tractor they added a wheeled axle complete with seat and steering wheel, turning it into a mini-tractor.

The machine was a great success, prompting Pasquali to start a second project that he developed in the early ’60s: the creation of a mini-tractor with four-wheel drive, isodiametric and with central articulated steering.

Much more comfortable and high-performance than a two-wheel tractor, but equally manoeuvrable and with a low cost, it proved to be greatly successful among the vines and sold like hot cakes on the market. Soon the machine was enhanced, reinforcing the structure and equipping it with bigger tyres, giving life to isodiametric equipment that was even more powerful but less manoeuvrable.

To force the turning radius to its maximum, Lino Pasquali, with a stroke of genius, reduced the size of the front wheels. An idea that no one had thought of, which was then also embraced by all of the direct competition.

Now for the next eighty years, at the end of the 90s Lino Pasquali began to look around to find an industrial partner able to continue the development of his company. He found it in BCS of Abbiategrasso, founded in 1943 by the Engineer Luigi Castoldi, who in 1999 acquired the brand Pasquali.

Today the BCS Group is a leading multinational company in the mechanization sector. It designs and manufactures agricultural machinery and for greens maintenance, machines for autonomous electrical energy production and for mobile welding.

The BCS Group has three production plants in Italy (Abbiategrasso, Luzzara and Cusago) certified under ISO 9001 and has a presence in every continent with sales offices and distributors.