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RIELLO UPS and AROS are commercial brands of RPS – a company of the Riello Elettronica Group, producing specific static uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for offices, electromedical environments, safety and emergency equipment, Data Centers, industrial complexes and communication systems. RIELLO UPS is a leader in the sector in Italy and firmly placed among the top 4 companies worldwide in technological research, production, sales and assistance.
The energy conversion area represents the “core business” of the Group and also includes the sector of new technologies for the exploitation of clean and renewable sources through the production of solar inverters, in which RPS has carved out a leading role in the national market.
The search for quality, the optimization of resources and a strong drive for technological innovation, together with seriousness, consistency and experience, make RPS a company capable of meeting the needs of a rapidly expanding market.
Five production plants in Italy twenty subsidiaries in Europe, China, India, Singapore and Australia, with a widespread presence in 80 countries around the world; this is the reality of the Riello Elettronica Group today, an expression of an entrepreneurial tradition aimed at innovation, global challenges and the development of “made in Italy” technology in international markets.


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