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VIALE DEI MILLE, 126/128 - 20812 LIMBIATE (MB)

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Commitment to quality, modularity, excellence, reliability, customer focus, continuous improvement, innovation, teamwork and employee commitment are the key values ​​that define Sacma, a leader since 1939 worldwide in manufacturing multi-station cold forming machines for high precision metal components and fasteners.

At our headquarters in Limbiate, north of Milan, our 60.000 m2 factory is the beating heart of the Sacma Group. Here, through an integrated production system, fully vertically integrated and modular, we are able to process mechanical parts with the highest standards of precision and quality of raw materials that is second to none. Each piece is then assembled internally and becomes part of a Sacma multi-station cold forming machine or an Ingramatic flat wire roller, which then share the same destiny: to accompany our customers for the next half century in their workshop, rewarding them with the maximum possible production 3 shifts per day.

Over the past 15 years we have dedicated our efforts to extending our product portfolio through strategic acquisitions and product innovation. The result is what the Sacma Group is today: an industrial ecosystem for the fastener and cold forming industry, which is able to offer cutting-edge technologies from process design to 3D simulation, multi-station equipment for cold forming (SACMA), flat wire rollers (INGRAMATIC) up to dedicated CNC machines for secondary operations after forming and threading (HS-ASPE). Everything that passes between these steps requires stable and highly efficient loading and moving systems: this is why Sacma Group provides reliable solutions through its subsidiary TECNO LIFT.

1 group, 5 production sites interconnected within a radius of 100 km, 300 employees worldwide, 4 foreign branches with local after-sales staff (USA, China, Germany, Brazil), 24 agencies, 81 years of history, 24 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and remote service: Excellence for our customers.