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Since 1994, when Tecno Più started, the vision of the company has always been to produce accident-prevention safety guards for tooling machines with the quality and the technological innovation of its design, thus creating the most heavy-duty and versatile products currently on the market. The company’s watchword is “Safety is not a Target, It is a Way of Life”, in which safety at work is not a goal to reach but it is a “choice of life”. This means the company does not simply aim to provide safety equipment to safeguard workers but to understand that working in a quality and safe environment is the first rule of a good employee and the best choice for anyone.

This goal has been reached using systems designed by Tecno Più such as the rubber articulated arms to speed up the guard’s set-up, the use of selected materials with the aim to decrease the weight of the system, while keeping unchanged resistance to collisions, the ability to find solutions to possible operating problems in order to optimize work reducing downtime. These are all characteristics that made Tecno Più a world-leading company in the field of safety guards for tooling machines.