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Textape was born in 1981 in Italy in the province of Varese by Colombo Adalberto and two other creators of the now historic TDF snc

In 1987 the company becomes TDFSrl. Mr. Colombo becomes sole administrator and from Varese is transferred to the industrial area of ​​North Milan in a 950 sq m factory. immediately becoming a reference point for all Italian textile machinery spare parts, in particular textile machinery cylinder coating for all applications from weaving to finishing.

In 1987 Textape was made up of a range of 5 different types of textile machine coating but more and more manufacturers and users ask for special products to improve the adhesion of fabrics.

From 1987 to 1995, TDFSrl increased its turnover exponentially every year until it reached 1996 million Euros in 1,4 and a range of 24 different types of cylinder coating belts. The range also includes tapes resistant up to 230 C., antistatic and resistant also to oils and chemical dyes.

The best partners of TDFSrl are and remain the Italian textile machine manufacturers with whom, thanks to a perfect collaboration made up of tests and technical suggestions, it was possible to create the current Textape range, still in continuous renewal.