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Tozzi Green is a company specializing in solutions, services and projects for the development of plants and for the generation of energy from renewable sources. Active in Italy and abroad, it integrates the entire supply chain completely and horizontally: Development, EPC and O&M, for all plants from renewable energy sources (RES): hydroelectric, maxi wind, photovoltaic, biomass and biogas.
Among the most important players in the world in rural electrification, Tozzi Green responds to the need for electricity supply in developing countries.
Renewable energy
In over 30 years of activity, Tozzi Green has built RES plants for about 700 MW on its own and on behalf of third parties, distributed over a wide and diversified geographical area.
Rural electrification
An important part of the rural electrification process in Peru was entrusted to the company Ergon Peru (of the Tozzi Green group) which was awarded the investment contracts for the supply of electricity from RES in areas not connected to the grid on a national scale, through a tender organized by the Ministry of Energy and Mines.
The objective of the intervention is to supply electricity to homes through photovoltaic panels equipped with storage (Solar Home System) to meet the energy needs relating to lighting and information systems (radio and television). About 220,000 families in rural areas benefit from it, including schools and health facilities located in the most isolated inhabited centers.
Tozzi Green has started a large-scale agricultural production in Madagascar, investing in industrial crops (geranium, spices) but above all in crops such as corn and soy, 100% destined for the internal market, which enter the local food chain, because they are destined for nutrition. of farm animals that contribute to the food needs of the country (accredited supplier in the World Food Program).