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Discover the sectors of CAP IT solutions!

CAP It, a company active since 1996, over the years has become an international benchmark in the field of technology related to temperature measurement and beyond

CAP It products have different fields of application. CAP IT, in fact, works on commission; there is no “standard”, but the products are customized to the individual needs of customers. Thanks to this flexibility, the company is able to produce tools for a diverse and wide range of applications. 

The main applications sectors are:
  • Food industry. In this context, CAP IT deals with different parts of production, such as the maturing process, monitoring the incubation period of eggs, sterilization, cooling, meat processing and storage tanks of raw materials;
  • Textile sector, in particular dyeing of fabrics and yarns;
  • Industrial furnaces: production of bricks and glassware;
  • Heat treatment of metals;
  • Incinerators;
  • Water treatment: Industrial water discharge, with particular attention to the environmental impact;
  • Biomedical and research sectors. CAP It products are in fact operated in operating rooms, in the monitoring of disinfection, for food trolleys, in pharmaceuticals, in laboratories and research institutes. Among the collaborations, the most prestigious are the CERN of Geneva, the CNR and the Polytechnic of Milan;
  • Photovoltaics: “stamp” probes for solar panels;
  • Collaboration with Protezione Civile and Vigili del Fuoco;
  • Engine sector: exhaust gas and cooling fluid monitoring;
  • Shipbuilding. CAP IT deals with the production of sensors for engines, tyre warmers for the heat treatment of carbon and composite materials and antifreeze systems;
  • Agricultural sector, in particular in drying and sensors for greenhouses and nurseries;
  • Production of tyre warmers for the wellness and veterinary sectors;

Visit the CAP IT website to learn more!

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