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Electric blanket + datalogger: controlled temperature during transport

To meet all the needs related to temperature maintenance and control, CAP IT has focused attention on one of the most critical moments: transport and storage, especially of perishable materials. CAP IT has merged its experience with that of some specialized partners in the sector and has developed a unique package of products aimed at this purpose.

It is a kit consisting of a passive thermal cover combined with a data-logger. The first has the function of protecting the product from both cold and heat and solar radiation and in general from temperature changes during transport in containers or in the sunny waiting for loading. The data-loggers have the function of monitoring the temperature and / or humidity conditions throughout the journey and recording any variations, in order to allow verification and ensure the quality of the product and its integrity upon arrival at destination. . Furthermore, they allow the registrations imposed by the quality procedures espoused by the most modern companies.

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