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ADELIO LATTUADA SRL has been operating for 40 years in the construction of machinery for processing flat glass. The experience acquired, combined with a great dynamism, makes our company an international leader and our machines have found an ever greater appreciation by numerous glassworks specialized in the processing of large and thick slabs. Our goal is to provide a product conceived and manufactured capable of solving the various processing problems and therefore obtaining the full satisfaction of the user. Our company produces a wide range of flat glass processing machines:
  • over 30 models of electronic straight-line edging machines or with PC for flat edge or variable angle from 5 to 16 wheels
  • peripheral edgers from 4 to 8 wheels
  • complete line of double-sided edging machines from 8 to 11 wheels per side, for flat edge with arris
  • over 10 models of electronic straight-line bevelling machines or with PC from 7 to 14 wheels
  • 4 models of automatic machines for the processing of radius and right angles
  • full range of vertical washing machines
  • complete line of horizontal drills
  • accessories (washing machines to be applied on the output arm of edging and bevelling machines, device for processing inclined glass in the shape of a parallelogram)
All Adelio Lattuada models can be customized thanks to a wide range of options and offer an excellent relationship between useful life and price. The prerogatives of these machines are mainly the great technological flexibility, combined with the simplicity of use and the limited maintenance required. The functional design and construction criteria adopted avoid long and expensive downtime. After-sales assistance is handled by a qualified staff of technicians from the parent company as well as by technicians affiliated with the sales network.


It was back in 1956 that Clementino Bonfiglioli established in Bologna, Italy, the company that still bears his name. Now, after almost sixty years, the same enthusiasm and dedication is driving Bonfiglioli to become the world’s top name in power transmission and control solutions.
Bonfiglioli designs, manufactures and distributes a complete range of speed reducers, drive systems and inverters, and planetary gearmotors, which meet the most demanding requirements in the industrial, automation, earth-moving machinery and alternative energy sectors. It offers tailor-made solutions, whose strength lies in the high-tech content of each product and the careful integration of different technologies. As a leading company in the power transmission and control industry, it puts the customer at the center of its world, in order to offer high-quality products and an increasingly widespread and impeccable service.


It’s a dynamic and determined company which manufactures precision gears since 1950. Its work has always been inspired by principles shared between the different departments: lightness, quickness, exactitude, visibility, multiplicity and consistency are the "keywords" that lay a solid foundation for setting up a constructive dialogue with Customers, suppliers and professionals engaged in every single manufacturing process.


It was established by Mr. Pierino Cattini in 1951 firstly as a sole proprietorship company and then incorporated under the actual form as a limited liability company in 1954: it has always been a gear manufacturing company to the vehicle industry from the very beginning. After 60 years of endless evolution, the company has become an indisputable player worldwide, able to serve discerning and demanding customers in the industry. Among its customers Cattini enroll all major agricultural tractor manufacturers worldwide and the majority of manufacturers of commercial vehicles, construction equipment and drivelines. Almost all vehicle’s transmission requirements can be covered today by its manufacturing program.  


Since 1946, it has been a leader in the market with groundbreaking fluid measurement and control technologies. Brooks Instrument is a trusted partner because its flow, pressure and vaporization instrumentation is reliable, stable, repeatable and durable. Brooks Instrument delivers results that consistently create a competitive advantage for its customers, in heavy industry, oil and gas refining, chemical and petrochemical research, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production and solar cell, LED, thin film, fiber optic and semiconductor manufacturing. Brooks Instrument is the world’s largest installed base of mass flow controllers and it holds over 150 active patents, so its product portfolio incorporates multiple patented advances in fundamental fluid measurement and control technology. Furthermore, Brooks Instrument is a division of ITW (Illinois Tool Works), a Fortune 200 company, which has prospered for over 100 years because each of ITW’s businesses has an independent entrepreneurial spirit and freedom to innovate.

CAP IT S.r.l.

It is an international benchmark in the field of technology related to measurement and control of temperature and beyond. Over 25,000 temperature sensors produced every year, heating blanket sector in continuous growth trend, a percentage of returns and complaints tending to “0”, Quality Certification for over 12 years, ability to adapt to any critical situation, delivery of goods in a few days , just in time, fully controlled production processes, internal calibration laboratory, design and engineering services, field interventions and much more.


It is a leading company in manufacturing high technical thermoplastic extrusion products & hydraulic protections. The technical background, the build in know-how acquired by Smart Protections, with particular focus on quality, manufacturing capability & internal R&D testing lab, are some of the strengths of this “aged” startup. The range of products for pneumatic applications includes Tubing in Polyamide 12, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Polyamide & Polyurethane recoils & custom made tubing made according to customer requirements. The range of products for the Hydraulic applications includes a complete range of protections for flexible hoses. Kovertec, a spiral wrap for abrasion protection; Texsleeve, a textile sleeve to contain oil spills; Shitec & Shiltape, a fireproof sleeve made of fiber glass & silicon. Most products in this range are MSHA approved.


Varvel was established in 1955. Constant growth over a number of decades has allowed Varvel to establish a foothold in over 60 countries on all five continents. Simultaneously with structural and product development, the company acquires high-tech tools, in the sectors of automation and robotics, information technology and logistics, guaranteeing high quality standards for products made in Italy and a high level of service. Varvel has a Research and Development department. The technical staff use the most modern calculation and 3D modelling tools to design their product lines. In addition to tailor-made products, a distinctive feature of Varvel is the idea of modularity, by making gearboxes in kit-form which are easily assembled by any user in just a few minutes. Promptness, flexibility and precision allow Varvel to find the best solution in the limited times dictated by market demands, through an extremely high quality production process.

ADI S.r.l.

ADI (Application of Industrial Diamond) is a leading company in the production of diamond tools. Founded in 1980, it currently has more than 180 employees and three production sites in Thiene, proudly maintaining the MADE IN ITALY product.

It is known worldwide for its production of diamond tools for the mechanical, glass, stone and ceramic industries and for optics. It has an office in the USA that serves as a service for the North American market across the various applications and a company owned by the company for the distribution of diamond tools and accessories for the glass industry. The qualifying characteristics of the company can be summarized as follows: high flexibility, deep knowledge of the diamond product, high design and innovative capacity. Constant investments in Research & Development allow the company to propose innovative solutions to an increasingly demanding and competitive market. ADI works with machine manufacturers in various sectors to optimize tool operating performance. Since 2016 ADI has been part of the Surfaces Group which has around 500 employees worldwide and offices located in the key sites of each industry, to guarantee customers the best service. The range of ADI diamond products is completed with RBM polishing wheels, which has been part of the same group since 2017. The ADI commercial network is made up of a team of qualified technicians for active assistance, in order to guarantee the best use of the diamond product.

ALU-PRO S.r.l.

The Alupro group specializes in the production of spacer profiles for double glazing. The company founded in 1992 currently operates in four production plants located in Italy, Denmark, Russia and Poland. The main plant is located in Noale (Venice) and occupies an area of ​​approximately 30.000 square meters. Alu-Pro moved to this new production plant at the end of 2002 from its historic headquarters in Salzano, which has now become insufficient for the size of the company. In Noale, 10 innovative profiling machines for production technology and automation operate in a continuous cycle and aluminum spacer profiles and the new Chromatech Ultra profiles are produced, which are a combination of stainless steel and plastic material. The range of products is very broad and includes about a hundred spacer profiles available in different types of finishes and colors.

In Denmark Alu-Pro It owns Rolltech A / S which is a company specialized in the production of warm-edge spacer profiles in stainless steel and plastic material.

The warm-edge spacer profiles are having a strong development throughout Europe and also in many other countries in the world with cold temperatures. In Denmark the following profiles are produced with 9 profiling machines:
  • Chromatech (in stainless steel)
  • Chromatech Plus (in stainless steel)
  • Flextec (stainless steel)
  • Chromatech Ultra (in stainless steel + plastic)
  • Multitech (in plastic material)

In Poland Alu-Pro is present with the Alupro Polska located in Oploe. Alupro Polska specializes in the production of aluminum spacer profiles and also sells all the warm-edge profiles of the subsidiary Rolltech.

Alupro Polska has 4 profiling machines and operates mainly in the markets of Eastern Europe, the Baltic countries and Ukraine.

In 2010 Alupro opened in Lipetsk, a town about 400 km south of Moscow, the Alupro Russia. In Lipetsk aluminum spacer profiles are produced with 5 profiling machines, the profiles are exclusively sold in the Russian territory and in the countries of Ex. Russia (Belarus - Kazakhstan - Moldova… etc… etc…).

Overall, the Alu-Pro Group achieved in 2015 an annual production of approximately 450 million meters of aluminum, steel and plastic spacers. The international presence is extremely significant with over 80% of the turnover achieved abroad. Alu-Pro products are used daily in over seventy countries around the world and on all five continents. Alu-Pro has also formed the Glass Alliance commercial alliance together with the sister companies Fenzi and Rolltech, offering its customers all over the world an articulated distribution network and a fast and effective customer service.


Antonini Srl was founded in 1942 by Antonini Fosco in Ponte a Elsa, a town near Florence, in the heart of Italy, and since then its activity has been focused on the field of glass. In recent years the company has developed and grown in terms of image and reputation, above all thanks to technological innovations that have allowed it to obtain a cutting-edge product appreciated all over the world. Our machines are in fact made following a careful research of materials and assembly techniques that guarantee their adaptability to customer needs.

The current production program includes:
  • Annealing furnaces
  • Ovens for cooking decorations on glass
  • Ink drying ovens
  • Furnaces for special heat treatments on glass such as bending or hot modeling, generally up to more than 800 ° C
  • Glass Blocks Annealing Furnaces
  • Auto headlight annealing furnaces
  • Continuous tempering ovens on carpet
  • Mold preheating furnaces
  • Reconditioning, modifications, revisions, updates of all types and all brands of existing ovens
  • Accessories and spare parts
  • Cold treatments
Through our ovens the annealing of each glass and crystal article is obtained from automatic or manual productions up to 220T per day, with minimum energy consumption. A pre-assembly system during the construction phase makes it possible to install it in the customer's plant in a very short time.


All-round experience in the processing of flat glass. Bavelloni supplies technologies and services for the processing of flat glass for the solar, architecture, furniture and household appliances sectors. On the market for over 70 years, we have more than 25.000 installations of glass processing machines in a hundred countries around the world. Our extensive offer includes machining centers and CNC technologies for cutting, edging, bevelling and drilling. All products are available both in stand alone solutions and in integrated lines. The competitive advantage of our machines is determined by great reliability, production flexibility, energy efficiency and high quality of the finished product.

  • Straight and shaped profiling machines
  • Straight and shaped chamfering machines
  • Production lines for rear view mirrors
  • Bilateral edging machines
  • Numerically controlled work centers
  • Horizontal and vertical drilling machines
  • Cutting tables for monolithic and laminated glass
  • Robotic islands and automatic glass handling systems


Founded in 1906, BDF INDUSTRIES is today one of the world's leading manufacturers of IS forming machines and related equipment. BDF's strategy in recent years has been to diversify its offer to the glass market by acquiring and setting up companies operating in coordinated areas. Today BDF INDUSTRIES presents itself to the world market of hollow glass as the only OEM ("Original Equipment Manufacturer") producer of furnaces, channels and machinery, capable, among other things, of offering complete technological systems for glassware , like "turnkey".


Belfortglass was born in 1971, starting to produce butylers and extruders of sealants for double glazing, known and appreciated in all industrialized countries.

In 1979 the production of diamond wheels began, reaching the current high quality levels also for the continuous exchange of experiences with technicians of the manufacturers of chamfering, grinding and polishing machines. Belfortglass wheels, traditional first installation wheels for the machines of Bovone Elettromeccanica and other leading machine manufacturers, are now known all over the world.

The know-how achieved has made it possible to produce tools that work at very high speeds: for example, 10 meters of speed per minute on the 10 mm bevel, achieved with our Hp wheels on the bevelling machines of an important manufacturer, are worth. Belfortglass machines stand out for their reliability, durability and ease of use. Technical assistance is also provided on very old models; spare parts and very practical technical manuals are always available in stock. Furthermore, Belfortglass machines overhauled and guaranteed as new are frequently available.

Since 1997 Belfortglass has expanded the range with complete lines and accessory equipment for the production of insulating glass. These machines are built following the construction criteria that have always distinguished our industrial philosophy and are made taking into account the requests of an increasingly vast and demanding clientele. Belfortglass also supplies consumer products for double-glazing, namely aluminum profiles, dehydrating salts, sealants.


Intermac is a division of the Biesse group, world leader in the production of technology for processing wood, glass, stone, metal and advanced materials, listed in the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange. The division develops and markets machines for flat glass processing companies and more generally for the furniture, construction and automotive industries. The distribution of the products takes place through a network of branches located in the markets of greatest strategic interest flanked by numerous resellers and qualified agents that cover the rest of the world. Product lines:
  • Genius - machines and systems for float and laminated glass cutting
  • Primus - waterjet cutting systems
  • FP Series - machines and systems for double-sided grinding
  • Master - numerical control machining centers
  • Vertmax - vertical machines
  • Diamut - diamond tools


For over 51 years BOTTERO SPA has been manufacturing machinery and systems for flat glass processing, from the first tilting tables to the first automatic lines, passing through the first machine in the world for cutting laminated glass in 1975, then to the cutting machines of the years '80 CNC to arrive at the modular series of the '90s. This is the result of the continuous work of the most qualified technicians to find quality solutions, at low prices, for worldwide customers. The design of the machines, as well as the study and construction of special systems on specific customer requirements, are carried out entirely within the company. The catalog of machines offered by the well-known Piedmontese company is undoubtedly the largest that any other company is able to provide, given that there are single machines and lines for straight and float glass cutting, with manual or automatic break-outs, as well as to multiple solutions for laminated glass, from the simple semi-automatic machine to the super-productive XY line (now also with vertical development); we then move on to simple loading systems (loaders) of various kinds, up to more complex systems, such as automatic overhead cranes or automatic shuttle warehouses, complete with a fully automatic processing scrap recovery machine. Moving on to the grinding family, machines made no longer in Cuneo but in the Trana plant, we have: straight bevelers, straight edge edgers, even with variable angle, shape edgers, bilateral lines for flat or round edge, single drills , drilling lines and, from today, also numerically controlled automatic drills. Truly an extraordinary range, for quality and completeness of range. In addition to the standard machines for handling, cutting, breaking, grinding and chamfering of monolithic and laminated glass, BOTTERO SPA produces "turnkey" systems for automotive glass, for the production of float and laminated glass, thanks to its division engineering. Customer support is guaranteed by an impressive technical service network that includes, in addition to the parent company, branches in Germany (BOTTERO GmbH), in the USA (BOTTERO FLAT GLASS INC.), In China (BOTTERO GLASS MACHINERY SHANGHAI), in France (BOTTERO FRANCE), in Brazil (BOTTERO DO BRASIL) and in England (BOTTERO UK), as well as the agents / distributors who assist the BOTTERO customer in the various countries of the world. Furthermore, since October 2001, the wide range of products that Bottero SPA is able to supply has been further expanded thanks to the creation of the company Bimatech srl, specialized in the production of numerically controlled machining centers. The combination of the great and specific experience brought by Paci and Tamburini and the large and efficient production capacity of Bottero SpA, has made it possible to produce and sell, in less than 5 years, more than 350 units of machines all over the world.


BOVONE DIAMOND TOOLS Srl, Via Voltri 78 - 15076 OVADA (AL), was founded in 2003 and is a subsidiary of Elettromeccanica Bovone Srl, for which it produces the original wheels. The production of metal-bonded and resin-bonded diamond wheels is extended to wheels for beveling, straight, double-sided machines and machining centers of all brands. In 2007 the production of diamond core bits and accessories for manual and automatic drills and machining centers began. BDT also supplies polishing wheels, felts, cerium oxide, cooling oil, pumice and carborundum breads and other complementary accessories for sheet glass processing. The commercial network, common to that of Elettromeccanica Bovone, is present in all industrialized countries and, moreover, the constant participation in trade fairs that take place around the world has favored the rapid spread of the brand. It is important to underline that the company, in addition to guaranteeing high production quality and fast delivery times, can also produce special tools to design and is able to offer valid technical support when required.


Cefla Finishing, world leader in the production of "turnkey" solutions for the coating of wood and its derivatives, has been operating for years in the glass decoration sector and is able to satisfy any request relating to the coating of glass, both flat and shaped, for which it has a wide range of specialized solutions. Cefla also produces digital printing machines capable of applying organic and inorganic inks on any material.

With the decoration systems made in Cefla, it is possible to avoid the sandblasting, acid etching and hot coloring processes used for glass decoration, replacing them with more productive and less polluting processes. Using vitrifiable, oil-soluble, water-soluble and UV paints (all without solvent emissions and therefore with a very low environmental impact), today also glass can be painted with ease, safety and reduced costs, obtaining COVERING, SATIN, ENAMELLED and METALLIC effects. Confirming the extreme flexibility of Cefla technologies, it is possible to apply single and two-component paints and digitally printed decoration.


CMB COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE BESANA is one of the world's leading companies in the design and construction of machinery and technologies for flat glass processing. Each CMB product stands out for its high quality, for the technology used and for the service offered to the customer before and after the sale. CMB offers customized solutions that respond to any type of request from both small companies and large glass industries.


Thanks to a technical background acquired in more than 25 years of study and implementation of artificial vision applications, Deltamax Automazione today proposes itself as a reference for quality control for flat glass production and processing companies. The important and continuous investment for the research and development sector has allowed Deltamax Automazione to innovate its range of solutions, now standardized but modular in order to meet the needs of each customer. Today Deltamax Automazione has systems for:
  • Detection of glass defects, such as bubbles, inclusions, scratches, coating defects, etc.
  • Quality control of screen printing, comparing each glass with the model requested by the customer
  • Gauge measurement and control
Other innovative solutions are those that allow:
  • Analysis of the fragmentation of tempered glass
  • Detection of the watertight side
  • Checking the presence of the coating

For more information, including images and videos, we refer you to our website


With thirty years of experience in the marble sector, following a trail that has always been in its DNA, Denver of San Marino is growing and affirming itself today also in the glass sector and lays the foundations in a rapidly developing market in the national and international. It is no coincidence that the experience in the marble sector is a considerable advantage for Denver, which with firm decision designs and offers its public a complete range of CNC machining centers with three, four or five interpolated axes, specialized in drilling, milling , disc cutting, grinding and polishing. The range of DENVER CNCs for glass stands out in the engraving of glass and mirrors, guaranteeing workmanship and durability over time. All in excellent value for money. The results are guaranteed by a 15 mm rectified aluminum worktop, the quality of the mechanics and state-of-the-art software control. The machine is equipped with an OSAI CNC control unit with digital card for axis control, which interfaces with an industrial PC equipped with cd-rom, USB ports, network card, optical mouse, keyboard and color monitor with flat screen. 15 ”. They use a specific software for glass processing, developed by one of the most successful software houses in the sector. Attention to the quality of the after-sales service and purchase facilitation were also topics on which Denver expressed, in advance of all the other operators, absolutely innovative proposals in the sector and markedly CUSTOMER ORIENTED, such as leasing at no cost. and package scheduled maintenance programs.


Diamut is the tools division of the Biesse Group, world leader in the production of technology for processing wood, glass, stone, metal and advanced materials, listed in the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange. Diamut has been a leading player on the market for over 30 years thanks to a complete range of tools for glass processing that can be used on most of the numerically controlled, automatic and semi-automatic machines. Thanks to the superior quality of the tools produced, it is a trusted partner of successful companies operating from the aeronautical industry to that of household appliances, from that of consumer electronics to furniture and architecture.

DOGO S.r.l.

Surface treatment and DOGO. The glass industry has played a decisive role in producing and treating flat glass due to the considerable demand for this material by modern architecture. Automation and new technology applied to CNC machines, now considered standard and commonly used all over the world, have played a decisive role in the current degree of finish of the treated surface where the mechanical process and the polishing technique play a very particular importance. In this context, DOGO has played a leading role since 1993, in fact glass companies all over the world have been using the entire DOGO range for over a decade. DOGO production is the result of a long and intense cooperation between manufacturers and manufacturers of machinery in a position of market leader and includes spiral felts and polishing wheels with elastic or rigid matrix, in the cup or peripheral shape and is considered among the best of the world. The success was determined by the growing thrust of competition as well as the greater demand for quality and high performance by users. Over time, products and strategies have changed both on the path of corporate growth and performance, focusing on the total quality of the products and on the development of collateral services such as punctuality in deliveries and pre and post sales assistance. In summary DOGO has all the credentials to offer itself as a highly reliable partner even for very demanding companies. No other manufacturer can boast such a complete range.

  • PEACOCK: Spiral synthetic felts in ring shape.
  • ELEPHANT: Polyurethane synthetic rubber polishers in cup or peripheral form.
  • PUMA: Resinoid polishers for engraving and for the flat edge in cup or peripheral shape.
  • BLACK PANTHER: Resinoid polishes in cup or peripheral form.
  • PROCYON: Rubber and CE02 rinse aid in cup or peripheral form.


Bovone is one of the world's leading manufacturers of flat glass processing machines for the building, furniture and automotive industries. The company produces and distributes glass grinding, bevelling and washing machines, as well as complete lines for silvering and laminated glass.

Its product range includes: Edging machines for flat edge and fillets, variable angle, round edge and OG, Bevelling machines, Flat edge double edgers, Mirror production lines, Laminated glass production lines, Prismatic rear-view mirror lines, Horizontal and vertical washing machines, Loading / unloading and handling systems plates, overhauled bevelling machines, grinding lines with robot-integrated plate handling.