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Enhancing tomato processing efficiency with VEGA sensor technology

Tomato processing, from farm to table, involves a series of intricate steps that demand precision and consistency to deliver high-quality products. 

At the heart of this process lies the crucial role of VEGA sensors, which ensure efficiency, reliability, and reproducibility at every stage of production. From monitoring pressure in autoclaves to regulating pH levels in tanks, VEGA sensors play a pivotal role in optimizing processing operations.

Pressure monitoring and level detection in autoclaves

The journey of a tomato from the vine to the can begins with its arrival at the processing plant. Here, VEGA sensors come into play by monitoring pressure and ensuring accurate point level detection within autoclaves. These sensors guarantee that tomatoes are processed under optimal conditions, preserving their quality and flavor.

As the tomatoes are transformed into juice, VEGA sensors facilitate level measurement and point level detection in filling machines. This ensures precise filling, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency in the production line.

In rotary filling systems, VEGA sensors continue to uphold efficiency by providing accurate level measurement. By maintaining optimal fill levels, these sensors contribute to the seamless operation of the processing line.

Pressure, level, and point level measurement in steam pressure peelers

Steam pressure peelers play a crucial role in the processing, and VEGA sensors ensure that they operate flawlessly by monitoring pressure, level, and point level within the equipment.

Chemical solutions such as chlorides and salts are essential in tomato processing. The sensors facilitate level measurement in plastic tanks, ensuring precise control over the ingredients used in the production process.

Mixing is a critical step in achieving uniformity and consistency in tomato processing. VEGA sensors enable point level detection in mixers, ensuring thorough blending of ingredients.

Maintaining the correct pH level is vital for the quality and safety of tomato products. VEGA sensors provide accurate level measurement in tanks used for pH value regulation, ensuring that the desired acidity levels are consistently achieved.

Level measurement and point level detection in tomato pulpers

Tomato pulping is a key process in juice extraction, and VEGA sensors facilitate level measurement and point level detection in pulpers. This ensures efficient operation and optimal utilization of raw materials.

Proper washing is essential to remove impurities and ensure product safety. VEGA sensors contribute to this process by providing accurate level measurement in washing lines, enabling thorough cleaning while conserving water and energy.

During thermal sterilization in heat exchangers, the sensors monitor pressure to ensure precise control over the processing conditions. This helps to maintain the quality and shelf life of the final tomato juice products.

In the final stages of processing, VEGA sensors facilitate density measurement in concentrators, ensuring the desired consistency and quality of the tomato juice concentrate.

Take a look at 3D images of the entire process!

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