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Glass deposit-refund system: Millennials and Gen Z invest in the green program

Why should we be encouraging a return to the glass deposit-refund system? Simply because it is a practice that amortizes the cost of the bottles (which are reused an average of ten times) and requires manufacturers to take responsibility for the packaging they put out.
Such a solution is spreading rapidly among Millennials and Gen Z, as reported by the New York Post.

A green generation

Indeed, the younger generation demonstrates a higher social and ecological awareness than the previous ones. This awareness is reflected in an ethical approach to spending. Millennials deploy their earnings in socially responsible investments or so-called “green or impact investing”, a practice of investing in organizations that ensure a positive impact on the environment and on their communities

A subscription for (glass) water at home.

Such mentality brings Millennials and Gen Z closer to the practice of glass deposit. Young people in the U.S., influenced by the advice of influencers, are subscribing to weekly home water delivery services, similar to how milk used to be delivered in the past.

This is certainly not an inexpensive choice, given the prices of the various subscriptions available, but it is motivated by a commitment to reducing plastic waste and limiting the health risks associated with microplastics and persistent chemicals found in beverages with plastic packaging.

A complete glass deposit system or just an half-finished trend?

The sticking point at the moment is related to the service providers. It is not yet clear whether the provided solution guarantees a complete deposit system. Who will be responsible for recycling the distributed voluminous glass containers? To the subscribers? Or will the company commit to offering pickup and refilling of the containers? 

The investment can only produce a significant result and convince different generations to adopt this solution for the well-being of people and the environment with a proposal that fully respects the glass deposit-refund system formula.


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