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The summer season gives way to autumn and the cold is almost upon us.
In order not to be caught unprepared, now is the best time to plan the purchase of INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC BLANKETS.

With twenty years of experience behind us, we are able to help you cope with any heating requirement, from the simplest antifreeze, thawing, fluidization (IBC1000Lt and DRUMS) needs to heat treatments and the most demanding applications, up to temperatures even above 200 ° C and maintenance up to 450 ° C.
We produce rigid and flexible heating systems and T / C and T / R temperature sensors, all made with advanced technologies and materials, with high safety standards and guaranteed for two years.

Thanks to our custom vocation, we do not supply products, but solutions and our extensive expertise in temperature measurement and management allows us to approach all needs and all markets, from food to textiles, from petrochemicals to pharma, to naval, all aerospace and so on.
We collaborate with clients of the highest level, for which precision, punctuality and reliability are a must.
The CATHEDRAL OF MILAN, CERN, AVIO GROUP, LEONARDO, AZIMUT-BENETTI are just some of the names of those who decide to rely on us.
We are not driven by profit, but by the passion for our work.
We take up every challenge, because every time it is a new experience!

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