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Introducing VEGAPULS 6X radar sensor by VEGA

VEGA introduces the VEGAPULS 6X, a groundbreaking radar sensor designed for continuous level measurement in liquids and bulk solids. Building upon the success of the VEGAPULS 60 series, this sensor stands out for its versatility and performance.

The instrument is a universal sensor suitable for various applications, ensuring reliable and cost-effective operation. Its adaptable configuration and maintenance-free design, coupled with variable antenna systems, promise precise measurements across all process conditions.

VEGAPULS 6X key benefits

This radar sensor guarantees accuracy independent of challenging conditions, offering a non-contact measuring principle for hassle-free operation. Users benefit from simplified device selection and straightforward configuration, ensuring ease of use.

With a focus on user convenience, VEGAPULS 6X offers swift configuration, easy setup, and commissioning. Its robust safety features and adherence to the highest cybersecurity standards ensure operational reliability.

The sensor excels in diverse environments, accurately measuring liquids, bulk solids, and enduring extreme conditions like high temperatures, dust, or pressure. Its adaptability to confined spaces and resistance to harsh elements make it a reliable choice across industries.

  • Process temperature: -196° to +450° C
  • Process pressure: -1 to +160 bar
  • Measuring range: 120 meters

VEGAPULS 6X, the culmination of VEGA’s three-decade expertise in radar measurement technology, amalgamates the best features from previous sensors. It guarantees precise, maintenance-free operation across diverse applications, solidifying its position as an industry-leading radar sensor.

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