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LIDAR sensors for presence detection

Presence detection scanning is a technology that uses sensors to detect the presence of people or objects in a given space.

These sensors can be of different types, such as infrared, ultrasonic or X-ray sensors, and are used in many different applications. The main purpose is to provide an efficient solution for presence detection and to automatically activate or deactivate a device based on the presence or absence of people or objects.

31m2 presence detection scanning

The LSE2 series LIDAR sensors scan an area of 31m2 to accurately detect the presence of objects.

The scanner comes with a dedicated, free atLIDAR application through which end users can configure and manage devices, eliminating the need for separate remote controls. Additionally, Ethernet communication allows for easy configuration with PCs.

Key product features:

  • Compact sensor size for flexible installation in limited spaces with dimensions of (L120 x W47.5 x H89.4 mm);
  • Has a 90° angle and a detection area of 5.6m x 5.6m;
  • Has a multi-function filter to prevent malfunctioning due to fog, rain, snow, and dust, and an aluminum casing to provide excellent immunity to 5G frequency interference;
  • Easy-to-set parameters and monitoring of scanner status through the atLiDAr software, which offers an intuitive interface: configuring and managing scanners will be simple and no other remote control will be needed;

Successful applications of laser sensors

The most successful applications of laser scanners include various sectors of logistics and security. The most well-known are:

  • Sliding platform doors (PSD), where laser scanners detect the presence of passengers;
  • In logistics, laser scanners installed on warehouse doors detect the entry and exit of transport vehicles;
  • In parking lots, laser scanners are used to control gates by detecting the entry and exit of cars;
  • In retail stores, laser scanners are mounted for security reasons;

For more details, consult the technical sheet and read more about Sensormatic Srl.

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