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Omani hydrogen describes the trajectory to Europe

Oman has set an ambitious goal for 2030: achieving an annual production of renewable hydrogen and its derivatives of 1 million tons.
This prediction is supported by a structured planning process, which has taken hold for several years now, by identifying an area of 50,000 km2 earmarked exclusively for the hydrogen economy.

A transparent industry

Oman aims to exploit part of its hydrogen production locally, the other part, properly converted, will be exported to various countries worldwide. Ministers and delegations from Europe and the Far East have already expressed interest, motivated by transparency as the core value that characterizes the Sultanate of Oman’s green hydrogen program.

Port of Amsterdam to handle hydrogen deal

Among the first projects in the pipeline is establishing a liquid hydrogen corridor to Europe. Oman is forging an important set of agreements to facilitate the large-scale development of Omani liquid hydrogen globally. 

In late 2023, the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, supported by Hydrom, the orchestrator of Oman’s green hydrogen industry, signed a joint study agreement with the Port of Amsterdam (Netherlands) and some companies involved in logistics and energy storage. 

The project involves the creation of the world’s first liquid hydrogen route and, with it, the development of a hydrogen liquefaction, storage, and export facility and the provision of specialized vessels to transport this energy carrier. 

Further collaboration will enable the organization of an efficient and competitive liquid hydrogen supply chain. Analyzing the feasibility of this initiative, also from an economic point of view, is a crucial step in bringing Oman among the largest hydrogen exporters on a global scale.


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