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PT100 thermoresistances for autoclaves and sterilizers

PT100 temperature sensors for pharmaceutical and food applications in saturated steam sterilizers and autoclaves, immersion in water and ethylene oxide applications
CAP IT is the leader in Italy for the production of PT100 temperature sensors specific for autoclaves and sterilizers.

As an integral and fundamental part of the process, the temperature probes are exposed to very severe conditions of temperature, humidity, vacuum and pressure and, although they appear to be structurally simple products, they are, together with the pressure sensor, a key component.

Their construction requires specific know-how, attentive and highly specialized personnel, mastery and precision, to guarantee a performing product in all conditions.

CAP IT has made this product its flagship and has concentrated its efforts in two main directions: research of the best materials and technical solutions; preparation of its staff and its production.

The result is a PT100 sensor park for very high performance autoclaves and sterilizers, totally MADE IN ITALY, the result of a careful study of materials and special construction processes, able to withstand over time even after countless cycles, always guaranteeing insulation, measurement accuracy, functionality and sturdiness as well as excellent flexibility and manageability for operators.

These sensors are added to the whole remaining range of sensors for sterilization processes other than the autoclave, i.e. sensors for ovens, for validation, for process plants, for ETO sterilizers also ATEX certified both in Ex d and Ex execution ia.

All this is supported by an internal calibration laboratory which operates according to ACCREDIA standards and by the collaboration of primary ACCREDIA certification centers.

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