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Si-20: Sauermann’s new slim pump!

Thanks to its innovative design and sophisticated latest-generation technology, the Si-20 mini pump guarantees cutting-edge performance and extraordinary installation versatility.

Sauermann has completely overhauled the design of the Si-20 mini pump, both internally and externally, setting new standards in terms of performance, noise level, and reliability.

Thanks to the new design, the condensate discharge pump has achieved an optimal balance in its category, offering ultra-slim dimensions, high power, and extremely quiet operation.

The Si-20, which features a redesigned profile from Sauermann’s research and development team, is currently the slimmest mini pump available on the market and is compatible with any air conditioning unit. In addition, the pump can be easily installed inside the unit, in a duct, in the ceiling, or fixed to the cooling pipes, even in tight spaces.

The main features of the new Si-20 pump

The next-generation pump is much more compact than its predecessor, without compromising its performance.

The Si-20 can be installed inside any type of air conditioner or duct thanks to its reduced thickness and tapered design. The pump’s size/performance/noise ratio makes it a market leader and ensures absolute reliability.

The new pump is characterized by:

  • Ease of installation. The Si-20 is the slimmest mini pump on the market, with only 27mm x 27mm in section, and can be integrated into all air conditioners on the market and inserted into the cold pipes using four lateral clamp attachments.
  • Silence. The Si-20 has a power-to-noise ratio of only 19 dBA, and for this reason, acoustic pollution is much lower than that of the quietest air conditioners. The tube is immersed in insulating foam to reduce vibrations.
  • Reliability and eco-sustainability. The Si-20 can withstand any type of environment and can drain condensate that contains small particles. The pump is designed to replace most of the mini pump models on the market and for the separate collection of plastic materials and components.

The Si-20 is manufactured at the Sauermann plant located in Chevry-Cossigny, a town in northern France. The assembly of the machine is carried out through a new robotic system, partially financed by the France Relance national recovery program, which aims to support companies that contribute significantly to the revival of the French manufacturing and industrial sector.

To learn more, visit Sauermann’s website and browse the catalog!

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