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Smart Protections and the BRAKE line: pipes for braking circuits

Smart Protections 11 or 12 polyamide pipes of the BRAKE line are produced in compliance with the following international standards: DIN 73378; DIN 74324; SAE J 844.

The instruments have different characteristics and applications

  • An operating temperature from – 40 ยฐ C to over 100 ยฐ C;
  • Excellent thermal and electrical insulator with high resistance to chemical agents;
  • Bass absorption and low gas permeability;
  • Reduction of load losses to a minimum;
  • Production of products following the directives of the following standards: DIN 73378, DIN 74324;

The main applications of the product concern the pneumatics, gas and fluid transport, oil, lubricants and fuels sectors.

Technical data of the BRAKE line products

Tolerances on the internal diameter: + / 0.1 mm.

Tolerances on the external diameter: up to dia. 12 mm + / 0.1 mm. Over + / 0.2 mm.

Tubes can also be produced in rigid and semi-rigid grade polyamide, and are available in many colors and sizes.

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