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Spur gears with straight teeth with Moreali reliability

Spur gears with straight teeth are equipped with teeth arranged parallel to the axis of the wheel and are used to transmit power between parallel shafts. The drive wheel transmits motion by applying force to the teeth of the driven wheel which rotates in the opposite direction to the first.

The gear teeth must be suitably profiled to obtain maximum transmission efficiency.

Moreali has been guaranteeing precision gears for over fifty years, assisting the customer in the development of new projects for the design of the toothing of the gears.

Moreali produces spur gears with straight teeth, but also helical, shaving, grinding and skiving system, with the following characteristics:

  • Minimum diameter 15 mm – Maximum diameter 320 mm
  • Minimum module 0.5 – Maximum module 8

For further information on Moreali products contact the company!

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