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Texsleeve: the containment protection for high-pressure flexible tubes

Safety of major operating systems is a crucial aspect in modern design.

International standards suggest that designers, if not already required, always use additional external guards for those components at high risk of wear, such as high-pressure hoses.

For many years, Smart Protections® has been committed to meeting application needs and especially the personal safety aspects of operators. And it is precisely for this reason that TEXSLEEVE, a protective textile sheath suitable for all types of hoses, was developed.

TEXSLEEVE is an innovative product that improves upon the characteristics of previous solutions, addressing the new requirements of end users.

The sleeve is made with continuous filament nylon textile yarns, which offer significantly higher elastic moduli compared to other yarns available on the market.

TEXSLEEVE is available in the standard dimensions shown in the table and in black color.

However, upon specific request by the customer, it can be customized in size, color, and can also be screen printed in one or two colors. For specific requirements, TEXSLEEVE can be cut to size, hemmed or fitted with eyelets.

Operating temperature: from -40°C to +100°C continuously, with peaks up to 120°C. UV resistance according to EN 13758-1 standard. MSHA approval for the mining sector, no. IC 207/01. Compliance with Australian standard MDG-41.

Packaging: standard rolls of 50 meters, with the possibility of customized packaging.

TEXSLEEVE is available in the following range:


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