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The B2B Industry’s global platform: a revolution in business

Interest in the dedicated B2B industry internationalization platform continues to grow steadily, particularly among companies engaged in nationalization and internationalization, with an interest in the world of sustainability.

With more than 133,000 users and 350,000 views, B2B Industry has attracted more than 2,100 companies worldwide, facilitating promotion and interaction with a specialized audience.

With technical articles, photos, products and webinars, this platform serves as an active online network 365 days a year. Content is published in English and translated into 10 languages to facilitate global engagement.

B2B Industry: a global platform

In particular, the Italian market is experiencing a great rise: the number of Italian users has reached the 19,000 mark, ranking third among countries worldwide.

Recent data also show growing interest from countries such as the United States, Canada, Spain, France, South Korea and Mexico, which are competing for the top positions in terms of views and users.

Collaboration with Google-accredited internationalization companies has further propelled the platform to take a prominent role within online spheres. In addition, social media, particularly LinkedIn with more than 1,400 followers, has become key to expanding the community of practitioners globally.

We firmly believe that every company operating domestically and internationally should explore the opportunities offered by this internationalization tool.

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