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Bonfiglioli and the collaboration with TESMEC towards a sustainable future

The TESMEC Group is active in the design, production and marketing of products, technologies and integrated solutions for the construction, maintenance and efficiency of infrastructures related to the transport and distribution of energy, data and materials such as oil and derivatives, gas and water.

TESMEC’s Sidecut SC4P: the radio-controlled solution for urban excavations

The company offers cutting-edge, fast and sustainable solutions, systems and services for online excavations and civil works. In particular, the Sidecut SC4P wheeled disc trencher allows you to dig even on sidewalks ensuring limited disturbances to and pedestrians traffic during construction. It is a tool that requires little personnel and increases security levels.

From the collaboration with Bonfiglioli, the e-Sidecut is born! It is a full electric trencher with 55kW of maximum power <1T, designed for the implementation of fiber optic networks in an urban environment.

E-Sidecut produces no emissions and is fully remote controlled and lightweight, easy to carry. It is the clean & fast for large civil works.

Bonfiglioli’s solution

To implement this new functionality, Bonfiglioli has made available EDS120-X, developed by Bonfiglioli in order to adapt the system to various vehicle architectures and allow real support for its customers in the necessary transition to electric. 

Tesmec has found in Bonfiglioli the perfect interface for supplying a system absolutely complete, from batteries to charging systems.

In the compartment dedicated to the engine, all the components necessary for electrification are housed, including traction batteries, thus guaranteeing compactness as well as the greater performances guaranteed by Bonfiglioli electrical systems, in terms of reactivity, control, noise control and zero emissions. 

Of these, the latter two make the vehicle suitable for participation in public tenders for the supply of electric vehicles, thus expanding the customer’s potential market.

Furthermore, to best solve the technological question posed by Tesmec, Bonfiglioli has developed an on-board battery and charger system (RESS system) in collaboration with Aliant, its technological partner in the battery sector.

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