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The mass flow controllers SLA and SLAMf are available with PROFINET

The PROFINET communication protocol is added to the other numerous analog and digital communication possibilities of the SLA and SLAMf series controllers.
Designed to provide superior performance for calibration stability over time, high accuracy and repeatability, the new SLA & SLAMf digital controllers with PROFINET facilitate networking and communication of numerous information with PLC or DCS, thus providing a significant improvement in control. of process.

Among the various functions are:

  • Wide choice of advanced alarms and diagnostic functions
  • An integrated interface, which allows easy adjustments and configurations via browser (without the need for a network)
  • Diagnostic information in real time, for predictive maintenance

To learn more and be able to download the Brooks Instrument e-book for free, which describes how digital protocols facilitate the management of mass controllers in industrial processes, go to the page:

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