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The TEMPERATURE SENSOR is usually one of the least known and most underestimated components among those found on machines and processes.

Its importance is underestimated, considering it an accessory, often a nuisance.
This is also because, of all the components of a machine, it is among the least expensive, especially compared to the value of the machine itself.
Think of an autoclave or an extruder: they are sometimes worth millions of euros and have sensors on board for a few tens of euros.
But there is a “but”: without those sensors the process cannot start. Does not exist!

And then two things happen:
there are companies that improvise, buy the sensor where it happens, often using standardized, non-specific sensors; there are, however, careful companies, who know how much damage a temperature error can cause even of a single tenth of a degree and who look for the best sensor, letting themselves be guided and advised, and when they find it they never change it.
These are the companies that we like, who trust and rely on, because they know that they can count on all our know-how and on our 25 years of experience, with total assistance, pre and post-sales.
We can boast a production of over 40,000 temperature sensors per year, hundreds of rigid and flexible heating systems, a percentage of returns and complaints tending to zero, an internal thermometric laboratory, UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality certification, ATEX Zone 0 certifications. 1 and 2, partnership with the main Accredia laboratories and Test Centers, a constant research and development activity, a design department always at work in the development of ad hoc product and service types, over ten-year collaborations with international companies, who chose us a long time ago and are still with us today.

become the point of reference in temperature management in all its applications, providing innovative precision solutions and developing research activities e

Correctness Quality Reliability

Constant product research; Certifications; Tradition and specialization; Flexibility; Delivery speed

Our offer:
total quality of product and service

CAP IT and TEMPERATURE: a partnership that has lasted for twenty-five years!

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