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B2B Industry: the global platform revolutionizing B2B business

The growth of interest in the internationalization platform dedicated to the world of the B2B engineering, that winks at all businesses that move in the world of sustainability and energy conservation, continues inexorably.

With more than 100,000 users and 300,000 views, the more than 2,100 companies scattered around the world are beginning to promote and interact with each other and with an increasingly technical and targeted audience of visitors.

Technical articles, photos, products and webinars are fueling a world that is not just trade shows but a true online network 365 days a year, edited in English and translated and localized into 10 languages.

In the latest period, the United States, Canada, Italy, Spain, France, South Korea and Mexico are vying for the leadership of nations with the most views and readership.

Thanks in part to collaboration with Google-accredited internationalization companies, B2B Industry’s interest is increasingly gaining prominence among online platforms.

The social world is also playing its part, and thanks to the LinkedIn network with more than 1,400 followers, the community made up of industry players is increasing its space on the international scene, replacing emailing.

We believe that any company active in the cross landscape of the engineering world deserves a chance to take advantage of this internationalization tool.

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