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Versatile polyurethane tubes: flexible solutions for diverse applications

Smart Protections offers polyurethane tubes with a hardness of 98 SHORE A, ensuring exceptional flexibility and elasticity even in extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to +60 ºC. These tubes exhibit excellent resistance to abrasion, aging, and various chemicals such as oils, fats, oxygen, and ozone.

While our standard product maintains a hardness of 98 SHORE A, we can accommodate requests for softer or specialized grades, particularly for applications involving prolonged exposure to water or flame retardants. The inner diameter tolerance is within +/-0.1 mm, while the outer diameter tolerance is within +/-0.1 mm, with an extended tolerance of up to +/-0.15 mm.

Operating pressure is calculated with a conservativeF safety factor of 3:1 to ensure reliability and safety. While our tubes are typically produced in blue, for extended outdoor use, we recommend opting for black tubes. Standard roll lengths are 100 meters, but custom lengths and colors are available upon inquiry through our sales office.

Smart Protectionspolyurethane tubes find diverse applications across industries such as pneumatics, control instruments, robotics, dental equipment, agriculture, and powder coating.

Explore our catalog for further details and feel free to reach out to our technical department for any inquiries or assistance.

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