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What is B2BIndustry?

First of all, here’s what it’s not: it’s not an online shop platform. It didn’t start out as a direct selling platform with the typical price comparison.

Its goal is to make companies known through dialogue, showing users what they are able to offer, what their peculiarities are, what is the plus that makes their products and services unique. is the place for companies to bring together supply and demand and the needs of potential customers and suppliers; it is the means by which companies let people know how to be found at the fair, how to participate in a meeting, in short, a way of communicating. A very different concept from the traditional online shop, with which it has in common only the use of the web as a channel.

On B2BIndustry, in addition to company information, you can find information about the engineering market, that makes it an interesting portal for public use. Considering that information has a value, being present on B2BIndustry offers countless advantages at a decidedly competitive price.

Open to the Italian market, but above all the international one, it offers constant visibility 7 days a week, 365 days a year, as demonstrated by the data relating to page views. B2BIndustry is a showcase on the world, which every company can make its own, enriching it with all the information that allows it to stand out in the production panorama. Let people know what makes your company different from the others: this is the purpose of B2BIndustry.

B2BIndustry, The business network.

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