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Green hydrogen at the service of companies: an Italian-French project

Reducing bills and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions are two of the main objectives on which companies are currently working, driven by a complex situation both in terms of energy supply and sustainability, which has now become a fundamental criterion for classifying the competitiveness of companies.
These critical issues can be overcome thanks to the widespread use of green hydrogen, i.e. hydrogen produced from renewable sources. Italy looks with great interest at green hydrogen as a sustainable vector of the near future.

The aim

The Ferrara-based engineering company Incico SpA and the French group Lhyfe, specialized in the production of green hydrogen, have signed an agreement for the construction of a turnkey plant that produces green hydrogen and zero-emission synthetic fuels, at the service of small and medium enterprises. Due to the interest of several local companies, the first plant should be built in Puglia.

The method

The technology involves the use of energy from renewable sources to produce green hydrogen from water via electrolysis. This energy can come from wind, hydroelectric and solar power plants, and also from biofuel or biogas generators. Once the hydrogen has been obtained, the plant combines it with carbon dioxide, recovered through the emissions of generators, gas plants or production processes. From this combination of elements green synthetic fuels are obtained, such as ethanol, methanol or Sav (Sustainable aviation fuel).

The benefits

The project developed by the two companies does not present real innovations, but combines different technologies. In a nutshell, it allows the use of electricity obtained from renewable sources to produce green fuels that are easy to transport and store.

This ecosystem therefore satisfies the various needs of companies: cutting electricity bills, which have become unsustainable due to the energy crisis; reducing greenhouse gas emissions and obtaining fuel that can be used locally or that can be easily marketed.

Source: Ansa

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