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Bonfiglioli and sustainability for the environment

Among the values ​​that distinguish Bonfiglioli, respect for the environment and sustainability are the masters. 

The Bonfiglioli Group firmly believes that a better future cannot in any way disregard the adoption of an environmental protection policy

Bonfiglioli believes in innovation and pursues a green philosophy. This consists of improving its products and production processes, fighting for pollution prevention and ensuring energy efficient solutions. 

Not only that: for Bonfiglioli, sustainability begins with safety. 

Bonfigioli’s Accident prevention sustainability strategy, as well as an integral part of all company processes. Effective risk management is essential for protecting employees and assets.

Among other activities, Bonfiglioli deals with research and development, collaborating with schools, local and international universities, as well as important institutions. The company has seven R&D offices located in Italy, Germany, India and China. 

For 2023, Bonfiglioli renews its commitment to reducing its environmental impact, using energy generated from renewable sources. The goal is to reduce the production of greenhouse gas by adopting innovative solutions to increase energy efficiency and innovate its products. 

Bonfiglioli solutions are perfectly suited to the wind plants and machines recycling

The ongoing commitment to environmental protection never stops and continues to grow stronger thanks to innovative solutions and constant investments in production processes, to ensure high quality solutions. 

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