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All under control with light and sound signal towers for network monitoring

The new Sensormatic NHV4 / NHV6 series signal towers immediately notify network information via lights, sounds and voice.

With the support of various network protocols, the tower signals errors of devices and systems connected to the network. The operator will receive instant notifications of lights, sounds and voice messages, as the NHV series converts text data into voice messages thanks to the Text to Speech feature.

It is also available the version that detects the arrival of email, in fact it can access the mail server and send visual and voice notifications when incoming emails meet the preset conditions.

The models available to meet any need are four, choose the one that suits you!

NHV (Standard)

The basic model of the NHV series. High network security.

NHV-D (Model D)

Simplify connection with various digital devices.

NHV-DP (Model DP)

NHV-D model plus PoE power capability.

The use of a PoE switch allows installation with reduced wiring.

Compliant with IEEE802.3at

NHV-M (Model M)

Standard model plus email tracking feature.

Lights, sounds and voice messages prevent you from neglecting important emails when they arrive.

See the data sheet and visit the Sensormatic website to learn more!

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