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Forty years of experience as a specialist in industrial sensor applications enables us to help our customers choose the right sensor for their application. Our headquarters are in Bologna and operating in the national context, we serve manufacturers of automatic machines, machine tools for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, for wood or glass, for the textile industry, metals, manufacturers of automation systems and robotics etc. a wide range of photosensors, fiber optics and lasers, notch readers, hot metal detectors and light curtains are complemented by other types of sensors, such as magnetic ultrasonic sensors, pressure and temperature transducers, level probes, flow sensors and motor encoder flow.

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    Do you have to position or align perfectly?

    Laser pointers are a valuable help to show the operator the right position to perform the job correctly. Typical applications cover different sectors: Laser pointers in...

    LIDAR sensors for presence detection

    Presence detection scanning is a technology that uses sensors to detect the presence of people or objects in a given space. These sensors can be...

    PIL – robust and fast ultrasonic sensor

    The new ultrasonic sensor of the P47 series is suitable for harsh industrial environments thanks to the completely stainless steel housing. The sensor, initially developed...

    Keys interlocked mechanically

    The SKORPION key exchange system has been developed to provide a robust mechanical interlock of the mobile shelters of hazardous machines. The system is based...

    All under control with light and sound signal towers for network monitoring

    The new Sensormatic NHV4 / NHV6 series signal towers immediately notify network information via lights, sounds and voice. With the support of various network protocols,...