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Quality light, ergonomic light

In applications where a visually demanding task is required, the quality of light becomes important not only to safeguard the health of personnel’s eyes but also to better recognize colors and contrasts.

By efficiently illuminating the workstation with high quality, LED lamps from LED2WORK best meet these requirements.

All lamp models feature an ergonomic design and are equipped with highly efficient LEDs with high output and capable of creating a pleasant atmosphere. The illumination generated is homogeneous, without shadows, glare or flicker.

Colors and contrasts are best recognized due to the high color rendering. To adjust the amount of light to the visual activity, some types of lamps are also equipped with continuous dimming with a memory function.

This is why to choose quality:
✔ Promotes concentration and reduces signs of fatigue
✔ Spring arm and 3D joint to find the best positioning
Smooth, shadow-free illumination
✔ Infinitely variable adjustment and memory function to adapt the amount of light to the visual task
High color rendering to easily recognize colors and contrasts
Stable, flickerfree light because, although sometimes imperceptible, it can have an impact on people’s health and productivity.

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