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Two-button switches: a reliable solution for industrial safety

Two-button safety switches are used to safeguard the hands of an operator in industrial situations where machine operation can be hazardous.

To activate the machine, both hands must be used: the machine will start only when the operator is at a safe distance and both hands are confirmed in the required position.

The housing is robust, made of yellow-painted metal, and can be integrated with 5 pilot devices.

The activation buttons are available in two versions:

  1. Mechanical force: MF (Mechanical Force) buttons use a traditional operating method by activating once fully pressed. The robust design is suitable for frequent long-term use. Easy connection through an M12 connector.
  2. Zero force: ZF (Zero Force) buttons feature an ergonomic design, reducing long-term stress on the operator’s arms. The built-in bicolour indication displays: (red – waiting) and (green – activated). Easy connection through an M12 connector.

Sensormatic successfully distributes Idem Safety products thanks to its long experience: this is how we can guide the customer in choosing the best solutions to keep machinery safe and fully productive.

Check out the data sheet:


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