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Endless possibilities for analog encoders

What do the new absolute analog encoders offered by Sensormatic offer?

The renewed range of absolute analog encoders is neither expensive nor too complicated.

The E24 and E58 series, in fact, are available in a wide range of models: from single turn to multi-turn, from full shaft to hollow shaft or through shaft, with a resolution up to 16 bits.

In particular, the multi-turn analog encoders of the E58-ANA series are designed to offer flexibility in use; thanks to the various configuration options of the buttons or cables, setting the measuring range has never been easier.

  • Resolution up to 16 bits;
  • Solid shaft and hollow or through shaft from 6 to 12 mm;
  • Configurable measuring range up to 65,563 turns;
  • Limit switch function available;
  • Protection class IP65;
  • Connection via cable or industrial connector;

To know more you can analyze the data sheets on the Sensormatic website: SOLID SHAFT ABSOLUTE MULTITURN ENCODER and BLIND HOLLOW SHAFT ABSOLUTE MULTITURN ENCODER.

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