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Programmable incremental encoder

Hohner’s PR90 programmable incremental encoder has a great versatility of functions; in fact, it allows us to immediately configure the number of pulses, output type, and direction of rotation.


By simply connecting it to the program via the USB cable.

When downtime occurs and you don’t have all the spare parts, the difficulties increase if you don’t solve the production stop quickly. In such cases, Hohner’s PR90 programmable incremental encoder could turn into the best ally.

Why choose a programmable encoder?

Choosing a PR90 series programmable encoder allows us to easily program any number of pulses per revolution, from 1 to 65,536, with a simple connection via USB cable without the need for an additional programming box.

Programmable “all-in-one” encoders unlike standard incremental instruments can be easily configured in the number of pulses, output type and direction of rotation.

What are added values of the programmable encoder?

Among its strengths is that it is easy to program and set up, since we only need to connect the USB cable to the instrument and the computer program.

We can reprogram it as many times as we want, with or without power. The PR90 model can be used in multiple applications and has automatic 5-30V supply voltage detection, with selectable HTL/TTL output.

Configurable options:

Pulses per revolution (PPR)

Output type (HTL / TTL)

– Direction of rotation (clockwise/counterclockwise)

Position of reference signal (Z 0º/180º)

Amplitude of reference signal (Z 90º/180º)

Differential output reversal (A-nA / B-nB / Z-nZ)

How are PR90 series encoders programmed?

Programmable models are set up by following these simple three steps:

– Connect to a USB port;

– Programming software installation;

– Run the software and program;

See the data sheets to discover more:

PR90 series, with solid shaft;

PR90H series, with hollow shaft;


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