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Do you have to position or align perfectly?

Laser pointers are a valuable help to show the operator the right position to perform the job correctly.

Typical applications cover different sectors:

Laser pointers in CLASS 1 are inherently safe and therefore used on TAC machines to indicate to the operator the exact position of the projection.

These are very low power laser pointers but with a light signal sufficiently visible to do the job properly.

In automated warehouses laser pointers are a valuable help to indicate to operators the correct packaging to be taken or placed: a green line pointer indicates the exact row while the red dot indicates the box to be taken.

Laser pointers are used on line marking machines to show the operator the position and direction to follow to spray lines always straight.

On the wheel balancers, laser pointers indicate to the operator the exact point where to fix the weight on the wheel rim.

The red line LS12 laser pointer, powered at 5 Vdc and with a power of 3mw, is perfect in this case; consult the data sheet at the link. On request, it is possible to focus the line at the desired distance.

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