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Reliable wireless communication with Bluetooth® Long Range

Patlite’s new “WIO series” wireless control unit, in conjunction with signaling devices, enables remote notification. This is ideal for reducing electrical wiring when installing signaling devices in various factory locations such as workshops, modular offices and logistics areas.

By adding a LED unit to the unit, it can be used as a mirror signaling tower to display the status of the machine in a different location.

Plug & play for easy startup

No configuration is required, and pairing occurs automatically when the power is turned on.

The wireless range is up to 100 meters as the crow flies, but you can use the receiver as a repeater to extend the distance up to 400 meters.

Wireless control of various signaling devices

The receiver connects to various signaling devices and uses the transmitter input as a trigger to alert you with lights and sounds.

See the data sheet to find out more.

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