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TOTAL SECURITY: the new emergency stop switch by Sensormatic

Equipped with an exclusive X-ray detectable button, the new Sensormatic emergency stop switch is designed to provide robust protection in food industry applications, from beverages to pharmaceuticals.

The ESL-SS-WR series by Idem Safety has a unique design: the case is curved to facilitate cleaning and is mirror polished, up to Ra10, to cope with direct food spatter and withstand the cleaning and hygiene processes required in these areas.

It conforms to ISO13850, IEC60947-5-1 and IEC60947-5-5.

Technical characteristics of the switch

  • 4-pole positive drive contact blocks;
  • Cable input with M20 or 1/2 NPT connection;
  • Degree of protection up to IP69K;
  • Additional layer of protection, designed with a special safety trigger mechanism of the cover so the safety contacts will open if the cover is removed;
  • X-ray detectable button;
  • One-piece housing with a curved mirror polished surface reduces the likelihood of liquids remaining on the surface after cleaning;

Consult the data sheet for more details!

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