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Bonfiglioli proudly announces the inauguration of its vaccination hub in Calderara di Reno

On June 14, 2021, the ribbon was cut at the Bonfiglioli vaccination hub in Calderara di Reno, Via Armaroli 15-17, just a few minutes away from the new EVO industrial complex.

The Calderara di Reno Hub, obtained by dedicating a part of a Bonfiglioli Group plant, has a total area of ​​1,500 square meters: equipped according to the protocols and functions provided by the vaccination plans, it began its activity shortly after the ribbon-cutting ceremony and will be able to guarantee 500 vaccinations per day.

“The creation of this hub – underlines Sonia Bonfiglioli, president of the Group and vice-president of Confindustria Emilia – is part of a system operation on the territory promoted by Confindustria Emilia Centro, which previews the birth of an inter-company network of vaccination hubs open to all local companies, associated and non-associated, to their employees and collaborators and to their families. The project is coordinated with institutions and public health. An important effort to support the community and companies, in order to help accelerate the vaccination campaign in place.
We guarantee our collaborators and their families clear dates, which will allow them to complete the vaccination cycle by the summer break, spend it safe and with greater serenity, in view of the restart and a new-found normality.
Bonfiglioli Riduttori is proud to represent an important part of this team work, hosting a hub that started today with the first vaccine administrations. And I also like to remember the other two active hubs, promoted in collaboration with Confindustria Emilia: the one hosted by IMA of our past president Alberto Vacchi in Ozzano dell’Emilia and the one organized by Voilàp of our president Valter Caiumi in Limidi di Soliera.
We are very proud to be a step on this imaginary ladder of solidarity which aims to help us climb out of the darkness and anguish of these long months. All together, with cohesion, we can start running again”.

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